The Website is Up!

The Website is Up!

It’s been about a two month process of relearning how to build websites and then customizing to fit our specific needs (sound familiar? #DefineYourX), but we’re proud to say the website is officially launched. Life as a start-up can go from the highest of highs, to the lowest of lows in less than a millisecond with not much in between; tough to comprehend as there appears a vast amount of real estate in between. Our hope is if you know someone who is starting or who owns their own business, support them, respect them, because not everyone is cut out for this lifestyle. This, a little more than any other, would be an opportune time to thank all our family, friends and industry colleagues who have supported us on Xocial Marketing. There is a saying on Facebook that it’s not official till it’s Facebook official. Well we’ve always felt it’s not business official until you have a website. Today, more than any day, we become official. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have or know of any potential marketing opportunities. We’re happy to put something together or even just listen. A sincere thank you, Brian and Victor.
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  • Chris Romer

    I’ve watched you two build this business. I’ve witnessed the work you’ve done for friends of mine. You’re going to be great!! Much happiness for your future!

  • Rick Siegel

    Congratulations! Now , about website building. ….

  • Bo countryman

    Thanks again for the quick and amazing graphics for my cards! Trish loves them! Great job guys!

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